Our Fleet

M&B is one of New Bedford's premier scallop harvesting and processing companies, we not only own our fishing vessels, but partner with other local fishermen to deliver the finest seafood to our customers at the most competitive prices.

It is this connection not only to the scallops themselves, but also the fishermen that harvest them, which ensures we offer the highest quality products at all times. These deep-rooted ties also ensure our sustainability efforts of the scallop industry and the waters that support it. M&B Sea Products is an active participant in the long-term sustainability of the Atlantic sea scallop fishery.

specially made dredges




Ann M. and Fairwind at port in Fairhaven, MA
Zibet at port in Fairhaven, MA
Fairwind at sea



Captain Jeff Murray

Jeff Murray is no stranger to the seas. He began fishing on a commercial dragger with his father at the age of nine. His cousin Rodey introduced him to Scalloping in 2001. He has been scalloping ever since and has been a Captain since 2007.

Captain Rodey Murray

For Rodey Murray, fishing is in the blood. He began to fish with his father as a child and at the age of 13 he began his career in scallop fishing. A captain by the age of 18, Rodey's passion for fishing and love of the ocean has made his boat, Zibet, his home away from home.